If you were counting on a robust offensive (or even a mild defense) from U.S. churches to stop in its tracks the incursion of Islamism in America, perhaps you should save up to pay your jizya (tax imposed on non-Muslims, dhimmis, for the right to exist). Many churches in America are neither willing nor prepared to counter the influence and infiltration of Islamism in their own congregations, let alone in the wider civil society. Rather than fear the judgment of the Almighty, these churches fear the label "Islamophobic."

Particularly in the left-leaning mainline denominations, but disturbingly more and more common with formerly conservative evangelicals as well, many churches are obsessed with making themselves likeable to Islamists. All in the name of peace and reconciliation, such churches opt for sessions of feel-good dialogue with the local mosque, gushing about how much Christianity and Islam have in common, and never challenging Muslims to serious debate on those so-called commonalities such as peace and brotherhood, the Muslim belief in the return to the earth of Jesus (Isa) and their devotion to Jesus' mother, Mary (Maryam).

The Islamic interpretation of all of these is about as convoluted as the English translations in a Monty Python Hungarian Phrasebook. But most Christians don't know that the Koran teaches that Isa was a prophet of Islam (Surah Âl 'Imran 3:84) or that the Hadiths declare that Isa will return to earth to destroy Christianity and establish Islam. One tradition of Muhammad says that Isa will break the cross (abolish Christianity), kill pigs (infidels), and abolish the poll-tax (stop accepting the jizya and wage Jihad again). (Sunan Abu Dawud, 37:4310) Nor do they know that in the Koran, Muhammad pretty obviously confused Maryam, the mother of Isa, with the centuries' older Miriam, the sister of Moses.

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