Rep. Darrel Issa (R-C.A.) and Sen. Susan Collins (R-M.E.) are demanding answers following the Investigative Project on Terrorism's discovery that taxpayer money is going to the radical Dar al-Hijrah mosque of Falls Church, Virginia. The revelation is an unsettling reminder of how jihadists are using America's freedoms and ineptitude of the government to their advantage.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism has found that the Census Bureau has been paying Dar al-Hijrah about $23,000 per month since November 2008 to rent space in one of its buildings. The State Department has used the mosque in its videos about America's Muslim community and sent students from its Foreign Service Institute to Dar al-Hijrah this month.

Dave Gaubatz, a former Special Agent with the U.S. Air Force's Office of Special Investigations, and author of Muslim Mafia, described Dar al-Hijrah to FrontPage as "Wahhabi quarter," in reference to the oppressive form of Islam practiced and promoted by Saudi Arabia. He said that when he investigated the mosque, he found that its library included "very, very violent materials" that advocated physical jihad and sedition, and that extremism was promoted during the week but not during Friday prayers when they are most likely to be caught.

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