Only greasy Islamophobes would object to a hijabbed, observant Muslim TSA worker, right? After all, to object would be to assume that all Muslims are jihad terrorists or jihad terrorist sympathizers, and that is the very definition of "Islamophobia," now, isn't it? We should be applauding the prospect of a devout Muslim who has dedicated her time to protecting Americans by working at the TSA, right?

All right. I am sure the TSA employee pictured here is as loyal and patriotic as the day is long. This is the question I have: just imagine the possibility -- admittedly wild and remote, virtually inconceivable -- that jihadis would want to infiltrate the TSA, so as to place operatives in strategic positions who could then ensure that airport security became lax at the precisely opportune moment. One's immediate thought would be that they would be dressed in a secular Western style, as the Al-Qaeda playbook directs, and as Muhammad Atta and his fellow jihad hijackers were dressed on September 11, 2001.

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