President Obama is hurting persecuted Christians worldwide by failing to speak up for them, says a well-known convert who lives under police protection in Europe.

While the U.S. president has consistently sought dialogue with the Muslim world, he has not put in the same effort to protect oppressed Christians, says Sabatina James, who has lived for the past nine years in fear of being murdered for leaving Islam.

"You (President Obama) are saying these things about the prophet [Muhammad] but why don't you protect [Christians]? You're a Christian and have such influence," James recalls herself asking while watching President Obama's speech in Cairo last year.

"A man of such an influence should definitely speak differently. He should have said that he feels for the people who are living in prison and who may somehow be listening to the speech," James says. "Even if he said something like that it would be good. But he did not even mention it."

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