Isn't vigilance, post-9/11, the job of the citizenry, part of a national neighborhood watch? What kind of twisted political correctness is it to say, as did then-Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, that a 70-year-old white woman from Vero Beach deserves the same level of scrutiny in an airport as does a young Muslim man from Jersey City?

NPR and PBS are supposedly nonprofit. But shows like "A Prairie Home Companion," through a complex weave of private holding companies and licensing deals, made a phenomenally rich man out of Garrison Keillor. NPR and PBS executives and on-air talent enjoy salaries and benefits higher than the private sector pays comparable positions.

That NPR and PBS receive public money — in a world of hundreds of competitive television and radio stations — is outrageous. More galling, they push a leftist worldview while taking tax dollars from non-liberals for the privilege.

Pull the plug on NPR and PBS. No, don't cry for Juan Williams. Cry for America.

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