Last week, Newsweek published yet another liberal opinion piece: Superficially but falsely even-handed, optimistic, pro-Arab and Muslim culture, pro-Judeo-Christian Western culture—safely middle-of-the-road. So "middle" that the reader does not really know what road she is on or where she is going. The journalist, Christopher Dickey, is writing about the new winner of the Miss America contest, Rima Fakih, who is an Arab-American Shiite Muslim with family roots in Lebanon.

And they say that Americans are "Islamophobic?"

Speaking out of all sides of his mouth, Dickey tells us that the French Cabinet has drafted an anti-burqa/anti-niqab law; that the new Miss America has been accused both of having "family ties to Hezbollah terrorists"—and of being too-sexy a pole dancer; that in 1985, Lebanon was filled with "bearded radicals holding Americans hostage at the Beirut airport in 1985" and, at the same time, with women "tanning in their bikinis at a beach club just a couple of miles away."

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