Lawyers for the estate of Aasiya Zubair Hassan, the woman killed and beheaded in her cable television studio, have filed a notice of claim, indicating they intend to sue the Town of Orchard Park, Erie County and the Erie County Sheriff's Department for failing to prevent her death in February of last year.

Another wrongful death suit is under way against Hassan's husband and the Bridges TV network that the couple founded in 2004 to raise the profile of moderate American Muslims.

Lawyers for Zubair Hassan's estate indicated in the notice of claim that, because of "carelessness, negligence, recklessness and/- or omissions" by police and government agencies, Zubair Hassan suffered "grave bodily injury" and death.

Muzzammil S. "Mo" Hassan was charged with his wife's death after leading police to her body in the Bridges TV studio in Orchard Park on Feb. 12, 2009.

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