The fabulous four, Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha and the unlikely leader of the pack, Carrie, are back for a second installment of the Sex and the City movie. Everyone but Samantha is married, and the women spend a good deal of time discussing their husbands and their children rather than the latest fashionable restaurant. But, the gals just cannot help themselves, and they try to recapture their early spontaneous selves. They go on a holiday paid off by the clever Samantha's P.R. business deal, which includes a week's stay in a gilded hotel in Abu Dhabi. Once there, they get to ride camels in the desert, relax under Bedouin tents, and sample foods the names of which they cannot pronounce. Culture shock padded with luxury is easy to take.

One cultural phenomenon that keeps the four tourists entertained is the black robe worn by Middle Eastern women, called the burqa. It is on full display for these girls to contemplate in all its variations: as a burqini (burqa+bikini – a misnomer if there ever was one); as a jewel-studded modern creation; with its veil, the niqab; and as the full body burqa that hides those seductive feminine curves from uncontrollable Muslim men.

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