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Multicultural enrichment manifested itself in Great Britain again this week in the form of a "botched" honor murder attempt when four men were found guilty in a British court for killing an innocent married couple. But in this particular honor murder case there was one noticeable difference. Instead of the usual female victim, attacked for having transgressed an Islamic religious or cultural tenet, the intended target this time was male.

Three men aged 19 to 25, Ibrahim Iqbal, Mohammed Miah and Sadek Miah, were on trial for having firebombed the wrong house in Lancashire last October when the couple and their 14-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son were asleep. The children survived the night-time attack, in which an inflammable liquid had been poured through the letterbox and set alight. A British newspaper reported the husband, Abdullah Mohammed, 41, managed to call the fire department and say there was a fire and suffocating smoke in his house before the phone went dead.

The fourth man convicted, Hiamuddin Ibrahim, 21, had organized the attack but didn't take part in it. Ibrahim wanted to murder a man who actually lived 20 houses away from the innocent victims on the same street because he believed the intended victim had damaged his family's "honor" by having an affair with his married sister. But the three men Ibrahim sent to restore his twisted notion of honor got the addresses mixed up resulting in two deaths.

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