As the debate rages on over the planned Islamic cultural center near ground zero, most American Muslim groups have come out to vocally support the project. But there are those, even in the Muslim community, who are concerned with having a mosque so close to the site of the worst terrorist attack on American soil. One such woman is Asra Q. Nomani, who took to the pages of The Daily Beast to explain why she was uncomfortable with the planned Cordoba Project.

Writing about a trip she recently took with her son to visit Ground Zero, Nomani recalls how on the way home they passed by two locations—the place where the planned Cordoba House will sit and the Masjid Manhattan, "known in the Muslim community as the 'Salafi mosque." And, as Nomani explains, while the leaders of these organizations would say they speak for Islam, "the worlds represented by these two mosques could not be further apart."

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