The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) is reporting that two extremist groups in the U.S., Revolution Muslim and the Islamic Thinkers Society, are becoming "increasingly operational" and are violently carrying out their faith. Today's non-violent Islamic extremists are often tomorrow's terrorists. Groups seeking to replace democracy with Sharia-based governance are using our freedoms to create the Islamist swamp from which terrorists emerge.

"U.S. counter terror agencies have traditionally paid little attention to those groups, presumably because they represent a safe and legal outlet for the frustrations of young, aspiring Jihadists," the IPT explains.

Captain Dean T. Olson, author of Perfect Enemy: The Law Enforcement Manual of Islamist Terrorism told FrontPage that the activities of these groups are within the law as long as they don't overtly help a terrorist group or lie to the authorities when questioned.

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