In an article posted on the liberal website www.metransparent.com, reformist Yemeni journalist Dr. Elham Mane'a came out against the appointment of Muslim American writer Dalia Mogahed to Obama's Interfaith Advisory Board. Mane'a claimed that Mogahed purported to represent all Muslims, but in fact represented only a limited, extremist view of Islam. This, she said, was reflected in Obama's statement in his Cairo speech about the Muslim women's right to wear the hijab.

Following are excerpts from the article by Mane'a:

Obama is Receiving One-Dimensional Advice on Islam

"The report that Dalia Mogahed has been appointed to the Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, which advises U.S. President Barack Obama, filled me with anxiety... To be honest, I was anxious for two reasons.

"First, [when] someone who grew up in a Western environment decides to don the hijab, it is usually [a sign that they are] influenced by a religious ideology [even] more conservative than the one prevailing in the Arab countries...

"The second reason was the enthusiasm shown by the media outlets funded by the Arab Saudi kingdom, as well as the message of congratulations issued by a [certain] Muslim-American organization known for its affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood. The numerous voices welcoming the appointment puzzled me, and scared me.

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