There are those members of the radical Muslim community who wish to silence their opponents via legal means. The goal is to instill fear and to create an undue fiscal burden on those who speak out against them, so that the truth about their dangerous agendas will never reach the public.

"It is high time the type of [rhetoric] directed specifically at the Muslim community and its leadership by right-wing extremists and so-called terrorist experts stops. I think we can start the beginning of the end by initiating litigation that will force them into financial responsibility for their scurrilous and shameless acts against the Muslim community."

These were the words of former member of Congress Walter Fauntroy, speaking for and defending Islamist activist Mahdi Bray, whose extensive criminal history had just been exposed by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), an organization headed by counter-terror authority Steven Emerson. The words are published on Bray's personal blog.

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