If Christian and Jewish religious symbols are criticized and satirized, most people do not care. Nobody takes to the street to demonstrate violently against the "culprits." A long history of enlightenment and freedom of expression has tamed the majority of Christians and Jews. They accept religious freedom as a civilized fact of life.

This, however, does not apply to radical Muslims. They exploit liberal Western lawfare systems and, most recently, blasphemy laws, especially in Europe, to advance their Jihad agenda.

After lawsuits filed by zealous Muslims against Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, Rachel Ehrenfeld in the UK, and many other critics of Islam, a new case has arisen in Austria. Susanne Winter, a member of the Austrian FPÖ party and member of parliament was recently sentenced to three months of prison on probation and a fine of €24,000.

Ms. Winter's "crime" was simply an observation and this must be tolerated in a society that believes in religious and civil freedom. Ms. Winter said, "If the prophet Muhammad were living, he would be indicted as a child abuser," which is true. Muhammad married Aisha, a nine-year-old girl and consummated this marriage years before she had her first menses. And this is a clear case of child abuse.

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