Even More Breaking News: I did a quick check of the mainstream media today (September 25th). The Former Muslims United press conference was not covered by ABC, CNN, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, or NPR nor did it appear in the Washington Post or in USA TODAY. If I have missed an article in these places, please share that information with us all in a Comment.

The press conference was covered by Atlas Shrugs, JBlog, Jihad Watch, Michelle Malkin, Muslims Against Sharia, New English Review, The NY Examiner, ResistNet, Vlad Tepes, Washington Times, and right here at PJM. If I have missed other blog sites that have covered this, please post a comment to that effect.

Breaking News: The ever-excellent Steven Emerson has revealed that the student who invited Nonie Darwish to speak is himself now under fire!

"Brad Mahlstedt, head of the Whittier Republican Leadership Council, is under attack for his role in bringing Nonie Darwish to speak at Whittier Law School September 22. Bill Carnahan, the school's assistant dean for student services, threatened to file a "formal complaint" against the council after IPT News reported on Carnahan's weak response to Islamist pressure against Darwish. "

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