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The mother who lured her two young daughters, Sarah and Amina, to their tragic deaths at the hand of their father, Yaser Said, now regrets what she did. Downplaying her own role, or rather, insisting that she is innocent, Patricia ("Tissy") Owens calls the murder of her daughters an "honor killing" by an "evil man." Despite years of paternal child abuse at home, "Tissy" now insists that she had no idea that Yaser was actually going to kill the girls whom he sexually and physically abused and whose "too Western" ways enraged him.

Sarah and Amina refused to marry older, unknown men from Egypt in arranged marriages. They had American ways, academic ambitions, and Christian friends, including Christian boyfriends. Unthinkable! And, like Rifqa Bary, they knew they were in danger and so they ran away. Their mother sweet talked them back home. They were dead within hours. Their father has never been found.

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