Turns out, my IFPS colleagues noticed Omer Bajwa at Kurt Westergaard's Yale talk. I previously mentioned Bajwa, billed as the Muslim chaplain of the Yale Muslim Student Association, for having told an Islamabad audience that "Muslims will win the final victory in the West if they conform to their beliefs and disseminate the message of Islam with wisdom and politeness." No doubt Bajwa was conforming to and disseminating Islam's message during his display at the Westergaard talk, but he did so with neither wisdom nor politeness.

First, Bajwa, whose official title is Yale's "coordinator of Muslim life for the University," made the baseless announcement that the "well-known Islamophobes Daniel Pipes and Geert Wilders" were behind Westergaard's Yale appearance.

Well-known "Islamopobes"? Remember, this is a man of the (some) cloth speaking -- the one who co-signed a letter in that same day's Yale Daily News with Yale University Chaplain Sharon Kugler going on about achieving a community of "true religious understanding." As Rabbi Housman would later note, "Lars Hedegaard, President of the IFPS, corrected this gentleman and remarked that neither Wilders nor Pipes were involved in any of the arrangements for Westergaard's appearance and probably did not even know of his presence in the US."

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