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"The struggle for women's equality continues in many aspects of American life," said Barack Obama in Cairo in June, "and in countries around the world." Too bad Obama wasn't speaking about Islam.

There have been three separate incidents of honor killing in the past week: seven women are dead in Canada, and one in Germany. All were Muslims. The world in the West is changing for women. This war being waged in our society by Islam is about women -- it's about power, it's about control.

Four other Muslim women died recently in a "car accident" near Kingston, Ontario, and Kingston police are investigating: the teenage girls Zainab Shafia, Sahar Shafia and Geeti Shafia, along with their "aunt" Rona Amir Mohammed. Investigators are now saying that the girls' parents and their brother conspired to dump the car into the Kingston Mills Locks on the Rideau Canal on June 30, and then lied to police in saying that the incident was an "accident." The girls' father, Mohammed Shafia, originally claimed that the four had gone on a joyride with the eldest, Zainab Shafia, driving. Yet Zainab Shafia had no driver's license. What father or mother would throw a daughter the keys to a car when the girl had no license, and allow the teen to take her younger sisters with her? Does that not sound totally out of character for a parent?

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