"My dad's gonna KILL Me!" Just about anybody who had a social life, or tried to get a social life in high-school has uttered these words a few times. This is usually uttered after various shenanigans that teenagers engage in once they realize that their plans are busted.

In my own life I uttered that classic phrase a few times – when I trashed my parent's car sneaking out of the house of a girl they didn't want me to date, when I broke various valuable crystal figurines at my mom's house playing basketball, and probably a few dozen other times over various hijinks. And yet, no matter how many times I muttered to myself and my friends that I was "really" dead this time, and they might as well clean out my locker at school, I'm still here.

That's the thing about being a teenager, everything you're doing seems so intense, so life-altering that if your stodgy parents get in the way it'd be like dying. And usually every other adult, or child protective services understands this about teenagers – unless, of course, you're a Muslim.

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