"They all looked half drugged or half asleep, dull, as if the creatures had been hypnotized or poisoned….they walked and moved and went about their lives in a condition of sleepwalking: they were not aware of themselves, of other people, of what went on around them."

Thus spake Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing in The Four-Gated City.

Do people really understand what is going on in our world right now? That language is being used to confuse us? America is the greatest "terrorist," Israeli Jews are the "Nazis," non-Muslim pro-western Brits are called "right wing fascists" because a small number stood up to 200 angry and armed Muslim Brits in front of a Birmingham mosque, parliamentarian Geert Wilders is considered a "racist Islamophobe" and faces a criminal trial because he tells the truth about Islamist jihad.

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