The cause and effects of Islamist radicalisation, specifically in Swedish suburbs, as for example Tensta in Stockholm and Rosengård in Malmö, was the main subject of a panel discussion arranged by the Swedish National Defence Collage during the Political Week.

The three participants in the panel were Maajid Nawaz, with a history in radical Islamist groups, but now is Director of Quilliam Foundation, a British counter-extremism think tank, and Dr. Magnus Ranstorp from the Swedish National Defence College, who earlier this year published a much noticed report about radical Islamism in Rosengård, and finally Nalin Pekgul, President of the Social Democrats Women's organization.

The discussion to a large degree dealt with the strong reactions that Dr. Ranstorp's report received in the Swedish public debate. Many of Sweden's islamologist questioned the report and many scholars were critical about the way the study had been carried out.

"I am very sad with the debate following the publication of the report. There were to much focus on the form and not the content", Magnus Ranstorp said.

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