Rifqa Bary, the teenage girl who converted to Christianity from Islam and then fled for her life after her father threatened to kill her, faces daunting obstacles in her quest to be free. As a high-profile apostate, she is Islamists' highest value target right now. And on top of that, she faces a Leftist media that is complicit with those who want to see her dead or institutionalized. Witness the outrageous treatment that Newsweek gave to her story in its September 9 issue, and especially to Jamal Jivanjee, Rifqa's friend and confidante.

Newsweek reporter Arian Campo-Flores, said Jivanjee, asked him for an interview "about my connection to Rifqa Bary, as well as other questions regarding her situation." But when Jivanjee saw the Newsweek article published, he told me in a detailed interview about the newsmagazine's unfair coverage that he was "very disappointed at the clear bias that was demonstrated in the article," and that he found many aspects of the piece "troubling."

Campo-Flores' Newsweek article describes Mohamed Bary, Rifqa's father, as "a polite, mild-mannered man who seems deeply pained by the acrimony." Jivanjee asked pointedly, "What is the journalistic purpose of describing Rifqa's father in such a manner?" And he supplied what Campo-Flores left out: "Rifqa has been physically and psychologically abused in the past at the hands of her family." These charges did not come from third parties: "Rifqa has made these allegations personally, and these claims are being investigated and will be brought out should a court trial become necessary." Rifqa has previously recounted that her father said to her, "If you have this Jesus in your heart, you are dead to me! You are no longer my daughter...I will kill you! Tell me the truth!"

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