"Mum, don't untie me. I want to die."

These heart-rending words from beyond the grave helped last week to convict Britain's latest "honor" murderer, Mehmet Goren, 49. The father of four brutally killed his 15-year-old daughter, Tulay, ten years ago for having fallen in love.

"You did all this simply because you regarded it as unacceptable that she, rather than you, should choose the man she wanted to marry," the judge told the murderer, whom he described as having an "enigmatic smile."

Instead of experiencing a schoolgirl's joy for life, shortly before her death a bound and helpless Tulay was lying face down on her bedroom floor, her hands and feet having turned a black and blue color from the clothesline restraints her father had tied her with. It was in this terrible state of pain and suffering that Tulay addressed these pitiful words to her mother, Hanim Goren, who wanted to free her but was prevented by her husband.

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