More future terrorists will receive training in Fairfax County now that the Board of Supervisors has approved a new school and mosque. At least that's what opponents would have you believe.

The Islamic Saudi Academy had a long-standing zoning request to allow it to build the school and mosque on a 34-acre property, but many county residents had strong objections, calling the academy a school for terrorism and citing a former valedictorian serving a life sentence for threatening the life of President George W. Bush, News4's Chris Gordon reported.

"We don't think it should exist, let alone expand," said James Lafferty, of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force. "It teaches shariah law. It teaches terrorism. They're raising the next generation of homicide bombers right here in Virginia."

Neighbors along Popes Head Road said traffic congestion, safety and protecting the environment are the reasons they oppose the Islamic Saudi Academy expansion.

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