A lady reporter from the Daily Mail rang me yesterday afternoon to ask about my thoughts regarding a new report on shariah "courts" that operate in the UK

"The report is published by the Civitas thinktank and has been written by Denis MacEoin. It says that there are around 85 sharia courts now operating. That is a far higher figure than previously thought. Do you have any comment to make about the implications this has for our country?"

What I should have said in response to this was:

"Yes, MacEoin's earlier report 'The Hijacking of British Islam' – which similarly sought to scaremonger about mosques in the UK – has now been utterly discredited after forensic investigation suggested that evidence had been falsified and the report has since been pulled from the website of Policy Exchange, the rightwing thinktank that was stupid enough to publish it. Still, given that you work for the Daily Mail, I can well understand why MacEoin's hysterical tirade would be right up your street."

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