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The world has just watched the cold-blooded murder of Neda in Teheran. The last sentence she uttered was: "Death to the Dictator." Many of us are now about to see the haunting film about the real-life stoning of another Iranian woman, known as Soraya M. These two tragedies took place in a Muslim country.

The blood of real (not just reel) Muslim women, murdered either by the state or by their families, continues to cry out—not only in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa but also in the West.

Two days ago, on June 24, 2009, in Germany, a Turkish father, Mehmet O, a kebab shop owner, repeatedly knifed his fifteen-year-old daughter, Bursa, while she was sleeping. Despite the fact that Bursa, her mother, and her sister all wore hijab, Mehmet O. still felt Bursa was too "westernized," and that she did not want her "strict Muslim father to control her life." Bursa's friends described her as a "fun-loving girl, (who) loved hip hop music….But that is no reason to kill someone."

This is certainly not the first honor killing in Germany or in Europe by a Muslim father or brother.

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