Isn't it ironic that segregation, seclusion and ghettoism are being advocated in the name of multiculturalism? If that isn't the case, why does Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. need to conduct a research project into Islamic banking? Why did the Toronto District School Board decide to set up an Afrocentric, or black- focused, school?

In the wake of the controversial decision on a black-focused school, TDSB's website stated proudly: "When students know more about where they are from, it's much easier to look with confidence to where you want to go."

Sure, there is nothing wrong in knowing where we come from, but it's quite disturbing to realize where we are heading these days.

We need to be honest in answering the question, Can black-focused schools help shape a real multicultural society? Would Islamic banking help to integrate marginalized Muslim communities across Canada? I don't think so.

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