Political Correctness Run Amok

To most in government, revelations such as these were worrisome but dismissed as anomalies. There was little speculation in government that there might be a larger, organized, well-oiled conspiracy. Those who sought to probe further often found their efforts constrained, undermined or thwarted by a culture of "risk avoidance" and "political correctness" that in recent years has run amok. It is the nature of government bureaucracies to abhor controversy, particularly controversy involving matters of faith. Few in government are willing to open themselves to accusations of bigotry, knowing that even groundless accusations can be costly in terms of time, money, lost promotions and battered reputations. For those working in such a setting, controversy is anything but career enhancing. It is like being accused of being a pedophile. Although the individual may be cleared of all charges, the accusation alone can cause irreparable damage. It is McCarthyism in reverse.

Muslim Americans constitute a significant voting bloc, and there has been little desire to risk antagonizing a vocal, wealthy and increasingly powerful minority by putting some of its most revered leaders under a microscope. These and other factors promote a culture that has contributed to government inertia which is reflected, today, by public indifference.

Despite all that has been documented and is in the public record, CAIR and its sister organizations successfully court American politicians who continue to seek their approval and endorsement. CAIR has even successfully partnered with the FBI to provide Bureau agents "sensitivity training." I am sure, if asked, Bureau officials who promote such programs would state that they are motivated by a desire to build bridges to the American Muslim community and to open productive communications with moderate elements within CAIR.

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