Orange County Sheriff's officials are reviewing their policy over female prisoners wearing Muslim headscarves – known as hajibs – while in custody.

The current policy requires women to remove the religious garment when taken into custody.

In San Bernardino County this week, officials there agreed to revise their policy and allow women to use a headscarf which would be provided by the county.

Attorneys representing a Rialto woman who sued San Bernardino County regarding her right to wear a hijab called the settlement a victory in having local jurisdictions implement policies that accommodate inmates' religious rights and said they would be pursuing similar cases in other jurisdictions.

In Orange County jails, inmates are instructed to remove all head coverings, including hats and scarves, said Capt. Tim Board who heads the Central Jail Complex. That policy is in place so that inmates do not hurt others, or themselves, while in custody, he said.

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