Last week I commented on the outrageousness of the Human Rights Commissions in Canada accepting frivolous complaints as is the one brought by the Canadian Islamic Congress against Maclean's magazine.

The greater shame than the HRC bureaucrats' putting chill on free speech is, however, the lack of outrage in the mainstream media, and public apathy on an issue that strikes at the heart of Canadian democracy.

In a free society it is not surprising that organizations and individuals occasionally take umbrage over discussions of a general nature on any subject surrounded with controversy, and complain they have been injured or victimized.

For every Muslim the CIC and its head Mohamed Elmasry presume to represent in complaining to the HRC of offence caused by Maclean's publishing of Mark Steyn's essay on the future of Islam, there are countless Muslims dismissive of such a complaint as frivolous and false.

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