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TORONTO - Officials at one of Canada's most prestigious law schools are publicly apologizing for an article in the student newspaper that condemned the Islamic faith as "oppressive, backwards and brutal," and have launched a disciplinary investigation against the student who wrote it.

The article, published last month in Obiter Dicta, the student newspaper at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University, brought a flurry of complaints, apologies from the school's dean and the university's president, and attention from an Islamic lobby group based in Washington, D.C.

Peter W. Hogg, dean of Osgoode Hall, said he was embarrassed by the article."The article was essentially a criticism of Islamic law but it also made some unjustified criticisms of the Islamic belief system. It was very offensive to Muslim students," he said. "I started to get just a torrent of e-mails from Muslims all over North America."

The article was highlighted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations as being particularly "Islamophobic."