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TORONTO, April 10 /CNW/ - The Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) welcomes the statement issued yesterday by the Ontario Human Rights Commission in response to complaints about Maclean's magazine. The complaints, regarding an October 2006 article titled The Future Belongs to Islam, were filed by law students Muneeza Sheikh, Naseem Mithoowani, Khurrum Awan and Ali Ahmed in April 2007.

In its statement, the Ontario Human Rights Commission expressed "...serious concerns about the content of a number of articles concerning Muslims that have been published by Maclean's magazine and other media outlets." Referring to the articles published by Maclean's the Commission stated:

<< This type of media coverage has been identified as contributing to Islamophobia and promoting societal intolerance towards Muslim, Arab, and South Asian Canadians. The Commission recognizes and understands the serious harm that such writings cause, both to the targeted communities and society as a whole. >>

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