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Nadifo Yusuf lost her job scanning and flipping boxes at the UPS package delivery plant near Jane St. because she refused to hike up her long skirt to her knees, a Canadian Human Rights tribunal has heard.

When Yusuf was hired as a temporary worker on Aug. 27, 2003, she was told not to wear loose clothing, jewellery or hair extensions that could get caught in machinery.

Each day for almost two years, Yusuf, 35, a devout Muslim, wore traditional garb to work – a hijab, headscarf and long loose-fitting skirt – she told a hearing before tribunal member Karen Jensen at a Dixon Rd. hotel yesterday.

Yusuf said she and seven other Muslim female workers always modified their wardrobe somewhat when they arrived at work, tucking in their hijabs and raising their skirts to mid-calf.

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