Catering for the growing demand for multi-faith facilities in the UK, Nigel Bromilow's company has launched the WuduSeat - a single, purpose-built unit that enables Muslims to undertake their cleansing ritual ‘Wudu'.

"The demand for multi-faith facilities in both corporate and public buildings is growing every day," says Nigel Bromilow, MD of the Specialist Washing Company who launched the WuduSeat last December, "There is a jungle of legislation which points to the fact that as a multicultural country, we are going to have to start accommodating Muslim practices."

Aside from the Employment Equality laws, the Race Relations Act of 1976, the Human Rights Act of 1998, Bromilow points out there are also numerous pieces of Health and Safety legislation which suggest that it will most likely become mandatory for workplaces and public buildings to provide facilities like the WuduSeat so Muslims can fully undertake their prayer ritual.

Bromilow says he first realised there was a need for the WuduSeat after carrying out some market research which showed that a number of organisations are already committed to putting in multi-faith facilities. "Most hospitals and airports already provide multi-faith facilities such as prayer rooms, but when it comes to facilities for Muslims to undertake the Wudu ritual – generally they are expected to put their feet in wash basins!"

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