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PARIS — A fourth private Islamic school in France is to be inaugurated next week to meet the growing needs of the Muslim minority amid a boom in faith-based schools in the strictly secular European country. "The government has recently granted us the license to start operation," Mahmoud Awwad, the sponsor and director of the "Education et Savior" school, told Tuesday, March 4. Starting on March 10, in the middle of the academic year which started in September, the school will open just one primary class for 10 students to complete the academic year. "As of the coming academic year 2008/9, we will open secondary classes accommodating 40 students," noted Awwad. He said the new school, located in the southern Paris suburb of Vitrerie, will follow state curricula in addition to two mandatory subjects on Arabic and Islam. "Education et Savior" is the second the school to be opened in Paris after the Reussite school in the northern Paris suburb of Aubervilliers, and the fourth of its kind in France.

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