Now we know what happens to the voice of moderate Muslims who take on the Islamist establishment. This weekend we were witness to yet another exhibit of the rhetoric and personal invective which comes out of some mosques against pious Muslims who decide to engage these mosques publicly on their two-faced stances.

On 17 May 08, the Islamic Center for Peace (ICP) Naples, FL. posted a laborious, painful, poorly written, incoherent, tangential tirade in apparent response to Dr. Jasser's recent commentary entitled "The war of Ideas: Revealing the Moral Weakness and Hypocrisy of the Islamist Imam (Part 2 of 2." (also note Part I of this commentary here). At first blush, we, at the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), were inclined to ignore this type of wandering – a personally vindictive rant devoid of any substance.

The ICP mosque posted this, it would seem, out of their anger at Dr. Jasser and the results of the debate in which their imam participated in against Dr. Jasser over the threat of the ideology of the Islamic state to the U.S. on April 5, 2008 in Naples, Florida. Dr. Jasser's commentaries noted above review the debate.

This mosque's angry posting is often ubiquitous on the web and not even worth addressing since it is more of an empty sharp personal attack rather than an intellectual defense of Imam Al-Darsani's ideology. However, in this instance it is particularly necessary since it serves to show the continued disingenuousness of the Islamist mind and moreover of Islamic Center for Peace based in Fort Myers, Florida. Taking a look at the techniques used to dismiss AIFD and Dr. Jasser's positions can be highly educational in understanding the tribal mentality and dubious methods involved in using a mosque and a faith community to stifle much needed debate via personal attacks and invective.

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