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Guillaume Maillet, a French medical student, observes Ramadan (a holy month for Muslims). For him it's a gift to his girlfriend. "I've been observing Ramadan for the past two years and I think I'll observe it again in the future. I've nothing to lose. It's manageable physically; and I think it's an ideal way to prove my love to my better half," Maillet says.

At the same time Guillaume doesn't want to go overboard, he fasts only on his days off from work. He enjoys the serene ambiance at home before breaking the day's fast. "In the evening, I love sharing Iftar (the first meal to break the day's fast) with my girlfriend. There is a tiny notion of a reward and there is something euphoric about the whole thing." He recalls the excitement during Christmas when Santa Claus climbs down the chimney to leave gifts. "We wait in excitement, day and night on 24th (Christmas eve), to discover our gifts the next day," says Maillet.

While Maillet says the process reminds him to think about those who are starving, he admits that he wasn't motivated by spirituality to observe Ramadan.

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