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In the end, each of us is remembered for our acts – for the lives we touch and the causes we advance. In 2016, members of the Forum’s Executive Committee established The Foundation for the Middle East Forum (FMEF) to ensure the Forum’s long-term viability.

The Foundation was seeded with a million dollars: half a million from the Forum’s general operating fund and another half a million from the Foundation’s Board of Governors. The Foundation, treated as a restricted project and led by the Forum’s former chairman Irwin Hochberg, has its own governing board composed of select Forum board members and other donors.

Each year, the Forum will draw on 5% of the average FMEF fund balance to support future financial needs. In this way, the Foundation helps insure the Forum’s work is never silenced. We do our work without government funding (and sometimes directly against governments, as when the British Library banned and

The Forum asks its donors to consider creating a lasting legacy by including FMEF in their estate plans. To learn more about making a charitable bequest to the Forum, please contact Matthew Bennett, Director of Development, by calling 215-546-5406 ext. 114 or email

(For those unfamiliar with this type of giving vehicle, a charitable bequest is a distribution from an estate to a charitable organization through last will and testament. This kind of posthumous donation enables a donor to make a much larger donation than otherwise possible. Depending on how it’s structured, a charitable bequest can also increase annual income; help avoid capital gains, estate, and gift taxes; give an immediate charitable deduction; and help provide security for heirs.)