Appreciated Stock

Donating appreciated securities to charity is one of the best and easiest ways to give more for less. Appreciated stock donations simultaneously reduce a donor's tax bill while increasing the recipient's income. The Forum benefits greatly from donors who take advantage of this unique giving vehicle.

How it Works

  1. Donor who owns shares of appreciated stock transfer them to MEF
  2. The Forum sells the stock and uses the proceeds to fund its activities
  3. A tax receipt is issued to donor for value of stock at the time of donation


Capital-gains taxes on the increase in value are avoided, which would otherwise have to be paid if the stock was sold and the proceeds donated after. It is important to note that this vehicle is only appropriate if the stock increased in value since the purchase date; if the value went down, it's best to sell the stock first, take the loss, and give the cash as a charitable donation.

Stock donations to MEF may be sent to:

Vanguard Marketing Corporation
Account Name: The Middle East Forum
Account Number: 59334817
DTC Number: 0062

To learn more, please contact Gregg Roman, by calling 215-546-5406 ext. 104 or emailing