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Daniel Pipes at University of California, Berkeley

Oct 13, 2010University of Illinois (Champaigne)Daniel Pipes
Oct 8, 2010Yale UniversityDaniel Pipes
Oct 4, 2010King's CollegeDaniel Pipes
Sep 30, 2010Belmont UniversityDaniel Pipes
Feb 22, 2010York UniversityDaniel Pipes
Dec 2, 2009Temple UniversityDaniel Pipes
Apr 29, 2009University of MiamiDaniel Pipes
Apr 23, 2009Boston CollegeDaniel Pipes
Apr 22, 2009University of ChicagoDaniel Pipes
Apr 15, 2009Rutgers UniversityDaniel Pipes
Mar 10, 2009Marymount Manhattan CollegeDaniel Pipes
Dec 15, 2008Bar-Ilan UniversityDaniel Pipes
Nov 20, 2008University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeDaniel Pipes
Oct 23, 2008American University, Washington, D.C.Daniel Pipes
Oct 21, 2008Washington UniversityDaniel Pipes
Oct 16, 2008Univ. of California - BerkeleyDaniel Pipes
Sep 23, 2008University of TulsaDaniel Pipes
May 6, 2008Harvard UniversityDaniel Pipes
May 5, 2008New York UniversityDaniel Pipes
Apr. 29, 2008Univ. of California - BerkeleyDaniel Pipes
Apr. 23, 2008Univ. of California - Santa BarbaraDaniel Pipes
Apr. 17, 2008Monash University, AustraliaDaniel Pipes
Feb. 27, 2008Northeastern UniversityDaniel Pipes
Feb. 9, 2008Florida Atlantic UniversityDaniel Pipes
Feb. 7, 2008Furman UniversityDaniel Pipes
Feb. 5, 2008Cleveland State UniversityDaniel Pipes
Jan. 18, 2008Nanyang Technical University, SingaporeDaniel Pipes
Dec. 4, 2007Binghamtom UniversityDaniel Pipes
Nov. 28, 2007University of California, IrvineDaniel Pipes
Oct. 30, 2007Florida Atlantic UniversityDaniel Pipes
Oct. 24, 2007Tufts UniversityDaniel Pipes
Oct. 22, 2007University of PennsylvaniaDaniel Pipes
Oct. 8, 2007University of MichiganDaniel Pipes
Oct. 8, 2007Wayne State UniversityDaniel Pipes
Apr. 24, 2007Williams CollegeDaniel Pipes
Apr. 23, 2007University of PennsylvaniaJonathan Schanzer
Apr. 23, 2007Brandeis UniversityDaniel Pipes
Apr. 12, 2007UCLADaniel Pipes & Wafa Sultan
Mar. 20, 2007Pepperdine UniversityDaniel Pipes
Mar. 5, 2007California State Polytechnic InstituteDaniel Pipes
Feb. 26, 2007University of California - Santa CruzDaniel Pipes
Feb. 15, 2007Columbia UniversityDaniel Pipes
Jan. 31, 2007University of California, IrvineDaniel Pipes
Jan. 18, 2007University of LondonDaniel Pipes
Oct. 3, 2006University of VirginiaDaniel Pipes
Apr. 27, 2006Georgetown UniversityDaniel Pipes
Apr. 11, 2006USC Los AngelesDaniel Pipes
Apr. 6, 2006Grove City CollegeDaniel Pipes
Dec. 7, 2005Johns Hopkins UniversityDaniel Pipes
Nov. 16, 2005Commonwealth Club, San Francisco Daniel Pipes
Nov. 8, 2005Yeshiva UniversityDaniel Pipes
Sep. 7, 2005Yale UniversityDaniel Pipes
Apr. 14, 2005Rochester Institute of TechnologyDaniel Pipes
Apr. 6, 2005Naval Postgraduate SchoolDaniel Pipes
Apr. 4, 2005University of California at IrvineDaniel Pipes
Mar. 31, 2005New York UniversityDaniel Pipes
Mar. 29, 2005University of TorontoDaniel Pipes
Feb. 26, 2005Harvard Law SchoolDaniel Pipes
Feb. 24, 2005Boston UniversityDaniel Pipes
Feb. 4, 2005Monash University (Melbourne, Aus.)Daniel Pipes
Jan. 27, 2005Dartmouth CollegeDaniel Pipes
Jan. 20, 2005University of PennsylvaniaDaniel Pipes
Dec 1, 2004The Interdisciplinary Center Daniel Pipes
Oct. 14, 2004Duke UniversityDaniel Pipes
July 11, 2004University of MarylandAsaf Romirowsky
Apr. 27, 2004Stern Hebrew High SchoolAsaf Romirowsky
Apr. 27, 2004Virginia Commonwealth UniversityDaniel Pipes
Apr. 21, 2004Philadelphia College of Osteopathic MedicineAsaf Romirowsky
Apr. 20, 2004St. Mary's UniversityAsaf Romirowsky
Apr. 16, 2004St. Andrew's SchoolDaniel Pipes
Mar. 4, 2004Penn State UniversityDaniel Pipes
Feb. 15, 2004University of TorontoDaniel Pipes
Feb. 10, 2004University of California - BerkeleyDaniel Pipes
Jan. 20, 2004American UniversityDaniel Pipes
Jan. 12, 2004Oral Roberts UniversityDaniel Pipes
Dec. 5, 2003University of British ColumbiaDaniel Pipes
Dec. 3, 2003University of IllinoisDaniel Pipes
Dec. 2, 2003Indiana UniversityDaniel Pipes
Nov. 19, 2003American UniversityAsaf Romirowsky
Nov. 18, 2003Brandeis UniversityDaniel Pipes
Nov. 6, 2003Yale UniversityDaniel Pipes
Oct. 31, 2003University of Messina (Italy)Daniel Pipes
Oct. 29, 2003John Cabot University (Rome)Daniel Pipes
Oct. 28, 2003Libera Università degli Studi Sociali (Rome)Daniel Pipes
Oct. 20, 2003Stanford UniversityDaniel Pipes
Oct. 21, 2003California State University at FresnoDaniel Pipes
Sep. 29, 2003SAIS, Johns Hopkins UniversityDaniel Pipes
Sep. 22, 2003Lehigh UniversityAsaf Romirowsky
Sep. 11, 2003Arizona State UniversityDaniel Pipes
May 22, 2003Yeshiva UniversityDaniel Pipes
Apr. 29, 2003University of Wisconsin - MadisonDaniel Pipes
Apr. 28, 2003Nicolet High School, MilwaukeeDaniel Pipes
Apr. 14, 2003University of VermontDaniel Pipes
Apr. 7, 2003Swarthmore CollegeDaniel Pipes
Mar. 26, 2003Bryn Mawr CollegeAsaf Romirowsky
Mar. 25, 2003University of Pennsylvania Daniel Pipes
Mar. 19, 2003Monterey Institute of International StudiesDaniel Pipes
Mar. 12, 2003McGill UniversityDaniel Pipes
Mar. 10, 2003University of Western OntarioDaniel Pipes
Mar. 7, 2003King's College (NY)Daniel Pipes
Feb. 28, 2003Saint Joseph's UniversityJonathan Harris
Feb. 17, 2003Emory UniversityDaniel Pipes
Feb. 6, 2003College of the Holy CrossDaniel Pipes
Jan. 30, 2003University of Washington, SeattleGil Elan
Jan. 28, 2003Shorecrest High School, SeattleGil Elan
Jan. 28, 2003York UniversityDaniel Pipes
Jan. 27, 2003Hamilton CollegeDaniel Pipes
Dec. 5, 2002Harvard UniversityDaniel Pipes
Nov. 21, 2002College of Southern IdahoDaniel Pipes
Nov. 20, 2002Villanova UniversityJonathan Harris
Nov. 18, 2002University of Puget Sound, TacomaGil Elan
Nov. 16, 2002Jewish Day School, BellevueGil Elan
Nov. 12, 2002University of Washington, SeattleGil Elan
Nov. 4, 2002University of PittsburghDaniel Pipes
Oct. 21, 2002Northwestern UniversityDaniel Pipes
Oct. 17, 2002University of Southern CaliforniaDaniel Pipes
Oct. 16, 2002Jewish High School, Mercer IslandGil Elan
Oct. 16, 2002University of DenverDaniel Pipes
Oct. 15, 2002Temple Bnai Torah High School, BellevueGil Elan
Oct. 9, 2002Baltimore Hebrew UniversityDaniel Pipes
Oct. 7, 2002University of Central FloridaDaniel Pipes
Oct. 1, 2002University of OklahomaDaniel Pipes
Sep. 18, 2002Hillsdale CollegeDaniel Pipes
Sep. 12, 2002Colorado CollegeDaniel Pipes
Sep. 10, 2002Connecticut CollegeDaniel Pipes
6/17, 2002Florida Atlantic UniversityDaniel Pipes
May 30, 2002Seattle UniversityGil Elan
May 20, 2002Drexel UniversityJonathan Schanzer
May 13, 2002Queens CollegeDaniel Pipes
May 7, 2002Nassau Community College (NY)Daniel Pipes
May 2, 2002Hunter CollegeDaniel Pipes
May 1, 2002Wesleyan College (CT)Daniel Pipes
Apr. 29, 2002Abington Friends School (PA)Jonathan Schanzer
Apr. 27, 2002Claremont Institute (CA)Daniel Pipes
Apr. 18, 2002Gratz CollegeJonathan Schanzer
Apr. 13, 2002Harvard UniversityMartin Kramer
Apr. 11, 2002Williams College (MA)Jonathan Schanzer
Apr. 10, 2002University of WashingtonDaniel Pipes
Apr. 2, 2002Temple University Med. SchoolJonathan Schanzer
Mar. 24, 2002Columbia UniversityDaniel Pipes
Mar. 13, 2002Gratz College High SchoolJonathan Schanzer
Mar. 13, 2002University of DelawareMartin Kramer
Feb. 28, 2002University of PennsylvaniaJonathan Schanzer
Feb. 27, 2002Adelphi University (NY)Daniel Pipes
Feb. 22, 2002Delbarton School (NJ)Jonathan Schanzer
Feb. 19, 2002Blair Academy (NJ)Jonathan Schanzer
Feb. 11, 2002Ashland University (OH)Daniel Pipes
Feb. 11, 2002Case Western ReserveDaniel Pipes
Feb. 5, 2002Harvard UniversityDaniel Pipes
Jan. 25, 2002University of PennsylvaniaJonathan Schanzer
Jan. 18, 2002Mercersburg Academy (PA)Jonathan Schanzer
Jan. 14, 2002UCLADaniel Pipes
Dec. 4, 2001Montclair Kimberly Academy (NJ)Jonathan Schanzer
Nov. 30, 2001Penn State AbingtonJonathan Schanzer
May 30, 2001Neshaminy High School (PA)Jonathan Schanzer
Apr. 20, 2001Abington Friends School (PA)Jonathan Schanzer

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