Survey of Institutions: Taxpayer-Funded American Madrassas

Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Brooklyn Historical Society Hosts Panel on Muslim leadership in City Schools [Debbie Almontaser] Brooklyn Daily Eagle January 28, 2019
Vouchers Yes, But With Some Standards The Times-News August 2, 2015
New Islamic College Connected to Mysterious Turkish Leader [incl. Zaytuna College] Chicago News Cooperative June 1, 2011
ACLU to Probe Public Funded Madrassa [on Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy] Christian Action Network August 5, 2010
Head of Arabic-Language School Resigns [incl. Debbie Almontaser] The New York Times March 16, 2010
Inspired by Kersten, ACLU takes on TIZA [on Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy] January 21, 2009
Interview with Brigitte Gabriel [incl. Susan Douglass, Islamic Saudi Academy, Khalil Gibran International Academy, et al.] The Examiner October 9, 2008
Leader of Arab Women's Group Honored at Borough Hall Dinner [incl. Khalil Gibran International Academy] The Brooklyn Daily Eagle September 29, 2008
Storm Brewing Between State Officials and TiZA School [on Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy] The Minneapolis Start-Tribune September 11, 2008
Kersten's Latest TIZA Blast: The Missing Context [on Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy] (Minneapolis) September 10, 2008
A Shot in the Dark [on Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy] Power Line May 20, 2008
Victory Over Cultural Jihad in Florida [on the Academy for Learning Islam; Seminole County public schools] United American Committee May 19, 2008
State's Arabic-School Ruling: Did Kersten's Claims Hold Up? [on Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy] May 19, 2008
News Crew Attacked during Report on Tarik ibn Zayed Academy Charter School 5 Eyewitness News, Minneapolis/St. Paul May 19, 2008
Exclusive: Should a Saudi School Lease Be Put on Hold? [on the Islamic Saudi Academy] Family Security Matters May 17, 2008
Playing the Death Threat Card [on Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy] Frontpage Magazine May 13, 2008
O Say Can You See... Power Line April 11, 2008
Charter School Makes Changes After Islamic Accusation (5 Eyewitness News) April 11, 2008
Minnesota Charter School - Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy - Operating As A Madrassah April 10, 2008
Minnesota Madrassa Investor's Business Daily April 10, 2008
TIZA Headmaster: We're too incompetent to Operate a Flagpole [on Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy] Hot Air April 10, 2008
Metro Charter School Accused of Teaching Islam [on Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy] (5 Eyewitness News) April 10, 2008
A Madrassa Grows in Minnesota at Taxpayers' Expense, Part 2 [on Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy] Power Line April 9, 2008
Teacher Spills Beans about Islamic Classes [on Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy] World Net Daily April 9, 2008
Teacher Breaks Wall of Silence at State's Muslim Public School [on Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy] Star Tribune April 9, 2008
E-mail Exchange with TIZA's Executive Director [on Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy] Star Tribune April 8, 2008
Imams Promote 'Our Values' on Taxpayer Dime [on Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy] World Net Daily March 15, 2008