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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Middle East Center Director Resigns as Faculty Allege Penn Admin. Violated Academic Freedom The Daily Pennsylvanian November 28, 2023
The New York Times Should Worry about New York, before Makkah [incl. Ebrahim Moosa] Arab News April 28, 2020
IRC Book Review: Progressive Muslims, On Justice, Gender and Pluralism [on Omid Safi; incl. Ebrahim Moosa, Khaled Abou El Fadl] Wisconsin Muslim Journal November 26, 2019
US Islamic Expert Hopes to Meet Selangor Ruler, Advisers on Zakat for Non-Muslims [on Ebrahim Moosa] Free Malaysia Today November 5, 2019
Lack of Islamic Literacy a Hurdle in Giving Zakat to Non-Muslims, Says Don [incl. Ebrahim Moosa] Free Malaysia Today November 2, 2019
The Dark Side of Memes: Spreading Untruths About Religion [incl. Ebrahim Moosa] Crux October 26, 2019
It's Time to De-Escalate the Crisis With Iran, Meet With President Rouhani and Return to a Nuclear Agreement, Says Notre Dame's Ebrahim Moosa Newswise September 20, 2019
Baptist Church Cancels 9/11 Anti-Islam Event After Backlash from Legislators, Christian Scholars [incl. Todd Green, Gabriel Said Reynolds] The Washington Post September 10, 2019
Clarion Exclusive Report: Foreign Influence Ops on US Universities [incl. John Esposito] Clarion Project September 6, 2019
Seminar on Theological Challenges to Islamic Thought and the Role of Madrasa Graduates [incl. Ebrahim Moosa] Merinews (India) August 9, 2019
Reading the Quran with 'Green Glasses' [incl. Ebrahim Moosa] Science Line July 18, 2019
The Rise of Female Sharia Judges in India [incl. Ebrahim Moosa] Al-Jazeera June 13, 2019
Madrasa Discourses Initiative Receives 2-Year Templeton Grant Extension [incl. Ebrahim Moosa] Notre Dame News (University of Notre Dame) March 14, 2019
Theology Department Remembers Gary N. Knoppers The Observer (student newspaper for Notre Dame, Saint Mary's, and Holy Cross) January 21, 2019
Scholar Brings the Bible and the Qur'an 'In Conversation' [on Gabriel Said Reynolds] Publisher's Weekly June 8, 2018
Connections Between Quran and Bible Illuminated in New Commentary [on Gabriel Said Reynolds] News of the University of Notre Dame June 6, 2018
Moosa and Mirza to Lead Madrasa Discourses Winter Intensive in Qatar News of University of Notre Dame December 19, 2017
Islamic Scholar to Address Western Bias, Fear [on Tariq Ramadan] BU Today (Boston University) October 13, 2010
Vetting Tariq Ramadan The Chronicle of Higher Education May 23, 2010
Formerly Banned Muslim Scholar Speaks in Washington [on Tariq Ramadan; incl. John Esposito] Voice of America April 12, 2010
In Shift, U.S. Lifts Visa Curbs on Professor [on Tariq Ramadan] The New York Times January 20, 2010
Tariq Ramadan in North America [incl. Shafique Virani] The Guardian (U.K.) November 11, 2009
Oxford Sinks to New Lows [on Tariq Ramadan] Hudson New York October 1, 2009
Visas and Speech [incl. Tariq Ramadan] The New York Times September 17, 2009
Closing Our Open Society is a Victory for Terrorism [incl. Tariq Ramadan] The Huffington Post September 5, 2009
Washington Urged to Lift Ban on Scholar [on Tariq Ramadan] The Financial Times July 20, 2009
Scholar's Visa Denial Suit Revived [on Tariq Ramadan] Inside Higher Ed July 20, 2009
Court Reverses Ruling Dealing With Visa of Muslim Scholar [on Tariq Ramadan] The New York Times July 17, 2009
The New McCarthyism? [on Tariq Ramadan] The Washington Independent March 24, 2009
U.S. Is Urged to Lift Antiterror Ban on Foreign Scholars [incl. Tariq Ramadan] The New York Times March 18, 2009
On-Campus Panels Attack Israel (Again) [incl. Charles Smith, Leila Hudson, Asher Kaufman] Classroom Battlegrounds (Blog of The Jerusalem Post) February 11, 2009
Ramadan Loss Unfortunate [on Tariq Ramadan] The Observer (University of Notre Dame) January 25, 2008
ACLU Asks Federal Appeals Court to Lift Ban on Renowned Scholar [on Tariq Ramadan] American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) January 23, 2008
Say What You Like, Just Don't Say It Here [incl. Tariq Ramadan] The New York Times October 22, 2007
Try to Answer Paul Berman [on Tariq Ramadan] Minding the Campus July 25, 2007
Banned from U.S., but Speaking from Afar [on Tariq Ramadan] The Hoya (Georgetown University) April 13, 2007
Patriot Act Shuts Up Dissent [on Tariq Ramadan] The Georgetown Voice April 12, 2007
Divisive Scholar Draws Parallels Between Islam and Democracy [Tariq Ramadan lectures at Georgetown via satellite] The Washington Post April 11, 2007
Europeanisation, not Islamisation [discusses Tariq Ramadan, inter alia] March 22, 2007
Tarik Ramadan brièvement interpellé à l'aéroport de Roissy Le Figaro March 13, 2007
"Moderate" Muslim Tariq Ramadan Was Detained, Charged, and Ordered to Stand Trial in France after Insulting a Police Officer Terror Finance Blog March 13, 2007
Tariq Ramadan: Do You Trust This Man? [interview with Ramadan] The Independent (London) March 11, 2007
Is Tariq Ramadan Lying? FrontPage Magazine March 5, 2007
The Propogandist [on Tariq Ramadan] The Iconoclast (blog of the New English Review) February 25, 2007
ACLU Asks Federal Court to Strike Down U.S. Terrorism Policy [on Tariq Ramadan] Associated Press February 23, 2007
U.S. Government Illegally Censoring Speech at Border, Groups Tell Court [ACLU press release on Tariq Ramadan] American Civil Liberties Union February 23, 2007
Ramadan's Exclusion [on Tariq Ramadan] Contentions [the blog of Commentary Magazine] February 23, 2007
What the West Can Learn from Islam [Tariq Ramadan defends himself again] Chronicle of Higher Education February 16, 2007
Stop Telling Foreign Scholars to Stay Home [on Tariq Ramadan] Inside Higher Education February 12, 2007
Increase Opportunities to Study Middle Eastern and Central Asian Affairs [at the University of Iowa] The Daily Iowan [University of Iowa] January 24, 2007
Tariq Ramadan: Dangerous Thoughts [interview with Tariq Ramadan] Al-Ahram Weekly December 14-20
Intellectual Freedom on Chill in U.S. [on Tariq Ramadan] Middle East Times November 11, 2006
A Radical Idea: How Muslims Can Be European, Too [on Tariq Ramadan] The Christian Science Monitor October 31, 2006
State of Denial [on Kemal Helbawy, Tariq Ramadan] The Nation October 27, 2006
South African Researcher Is Deported on Arrival in United States [cf. to Tariq Ramadan] Chronicle of Higher Education News Blog October 25, 2006
Muslim Scholar [Fazlur Rahman Azmi] from South Africa Denied Entry to U.S. Associated Press October 22, 2006
Denied Entry [Kamal Helbawy, Tariq Ramadan] Newsweek October 18, 2006
Faith and Reason in Islam Common Ground News Service October 17, 2006
The State Department Was Right to Deny Tariq Ramadan a Visa The Weekly Standard October 16, 2006
Muslim Scholar Tariq Ramadan Seeks an Islamic Reformation Associated Press October 4, 2006
Letter to Condalezza Rice [from MESA on Tariq Ramadan] Middle East Studies Association October 3, 2006
A Shifting Rationale Time October 1, 2006
Why I'm Banned in the U.S.A. The Washington Post October 1, 2006
At the Borders of Free Speech The Financial Times September 29, 2006
Interview with Tariq Ramadan Democracy Now! Radio September 28, 2006
Muslim Scholar Still Barred from Traveling to U.S. Indianapolis Star September 27, 2006
Oxford Professor Denied Visa Due to Alleged Hamas Links The New York Sun September 26, 2006
Muslim Scholar Barred by U.S. Denies Support for Terrorism Reuters September 25, 2006
Tariq Ramadan Denied U.S. Visa Counterterrorism Blog September 25, 2006
Groups Condemn State Department's Decision to Deny Visa to Oxford University Professor Who Criticized U.S. Policies American Civil Liberties Union September 25, 2006
A Closed Door September 25, 2006
Terror Finance Expert Exposes New Information about Tariq Ramadan's Links to Terrorism PR Newswire September 17, 2006
Tariq Ramadan New Links to Terror JCB Blog September 10, 2006
Tariq Ramadan - Reformist or Islamist? MEMRI February 17, 2006
Lawsuit Filed in Support of Muslim Scholar Barred From U.S. New York Times January 26, 2006
Muslim Scholar Whom U.S. Barred From Notre Dame Will Take Post at U. of Oxford Chronicle of Higher Education August 31, 2005
Tariq Ramadan's proposal Jordan Times April 25, 2005
The Fighting Islamists of Notre Dame FrontPage Magazine February 8, 2005
Hugh Fitzgerald on Tariq Ramadan December 23, 2004
Frère Tarik chez Tintin…ou le sacre d'un faux dévot… Primo Europe December 23, 2004
Politics is Death to American Mideast Studies Financial Times December 23, 2004
My Fight Against American Phantoms Los Angeles Times December 21, 2004
Muslim Academic Resigns from US University December 17, 2004
Muslim Scholar Quits Post at U. of Notre Dame That U.S. Prevented Him From Taking Chronicle of Higher Education December 15, 2004
Lacking Visa, Islamic Scholar Resigns Post at Notre Dame Washington Post December 15, 2004
Muslim Scholar Ends Fight for Visa Chicago Tribune December 15, 2004
Islamic Scholar Whose Visa Upheld to Give Up Notre Dame Post Muslim American Society (MAS) December 14, 2004
Why Is This Man Banned? Los Angeles Times December 12, 2004
Ramadan Refutes Allegations US News & World Report December 6, 2004
Should this Man Come to the U.S.? US News & World Report December 6, 2004
Caroline Fourest on Tariq Ramadan: the Evidence Transatlantic Intelligencer October 20, 2004
Caroline Fourest on Tariq Ramadan Transatlantic Intelligencer October 20, 2004
Tariq Ramadan : American and European Scholars Respond September 23, 2004
Muslim scholar barred from US preaches tolerance Christian Science Monitor September 21, 2004
Taking Liberties CBS News September 17, 2004
Groups Decry Muslim Scholar's Visa Denial New York Times September 17, 2004
Why the Tariq Ramadan Controversy Matters Tech Central Station September 16, 2004
A federal war on academic freedom Daily Texan September 14, 2004
Fear and Learning Daily Californian September 13, 2004
A Blow to Academics Washington Post September 8, 2004
Tariq Ramadan Wall Street Journal September 7, 2004
Mole or savior? Washington Times September 7, 2004
A Visa Revoked Washington Post September 7, 2004
Bush administration should welcome Muslim scholar Journal Gazette September 6, 2004
Der Doppelagent ZEIT September 6, 2004
University should judge scholar's teachings Chicago Tribune September 5, 2004
Why exclude a Muslim voice? Boston Globe September 4, 2004
Ashcroft's Missteps Mount Los Angeles Times September 3, 2004
Muslim scholar could still reach the Notre Dame campus NewsCenter16 September 1, 2004
Too Scary for the Classroom? New York Times September 1, 2004
Outrageous and groundless plea for Tariq Ramadan American Thinker September 1, 2004
The Middle East Studies Association's letter in support of Tariq Ramadan MESA Newsletter August 30, 2004
Tariq Ramadan Globe and Mail August 30, 2004
The Fighting Irish Lose an Islamist Professor, or Did They? August 29, 2004
The Ban on a Muslim Scholar Washington Post August 28, 2004
A Muslim scholar who had accepted a position at the University of Notre Dame had his visa revoked earlier this month at the request of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Associated Press August 25, 2004
US Criticized Over Denying Access To Key Muslim Scholar August 25, 2004
Decision prohibits Muslim scholar from teaching at Notre Dame Observer August 25, 2004
U.S. revokes visa for Muslim scholar Associated Press August 24, 2004
Controversial Islamic Scholar Coming to America July 29, 2004
Trying to Bridge A Great Divide Time Magazine April 24, 2004
The Gentle Jihadist American Prospect March 1, 2004
Ramadan au cœur de l'Église Valeurs Actuelles February 13, 2004
Tariq Ramadan nommé professeur dans une université catholique américaine AFP January 28, 2004
Peace Professor Singled Out Jews of France New York Sun January 7, 2004
Campus Watch in the Media
Title Publication Date
U.S. Watchdog Group Hounds Middle East Scholars Globe and Mail January 8, 2005
Tariq Ramadan, Non-Violent Man of Peace (complete) Transatlantic Intelligencer October 22, 2004
Mystery of the Islamic Scholar Who Was Barred by the U.S. New York Times October 6, 2004
Europe's silent revolution Al-Ahram 21 - 27 October 2004
Tariq Ramadan Egypt Today October 2004
Concerns raised over rights infringement Observer September 23, 2004
Tariq Ramadan denied a visa to teach Socialist Worker September 17, 2004
Why America Should Welcome Tariq Ramadan Chronicle of Higher Education September 10, 2004
U.S. Shuts Out Muslim Scholar, Raising Fears for Academic Freedom Chronicle of Higher Education September 10, 2004
Dialogue, not accusations, will help Ramadan Observer September 3, 2004
La première victoire des islamophobes contre Tariq Ramadan September 3, 2004
Al-Mustaqbal (Beirut) on Daniel Pipes and Tariq Ramadan Al-Mustaqbal (Beirut) September 1, 2004
US Academics protest Tariq Ramadan's visa Revocation September 1, 2004
Ramadan's vital work Guardian September 1, 2004
A Muslim scholar's exclusion Chicago Tribune August 31, 2004
Scholar under siege defends his record Chicago Tribune August 31, 2004
Muslim Scholar Loses U.S. Visa as Query Is Raised New York Times August 26, 2004
Muslims support scholar on visa Chicago Tribune August 26, 2004
Tariq Ramadan, persona non grata aux Etats-Unis SwissInfo August 25, 2004
Muslim scholar has visa revoked Chicago Tribune August 24, 2004
Message of Islamic pride resonates with Europe's Muslims San Francisco Chronicle March 13, 2004
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
Campus Watch Weekly Update December 12, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update March 27, 2023
Georgetown Panel Miraculously Criticizes the 'Golden Age' Myth of Muslim Empire JNS March 22, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update September 27, 2021
Evil, Crazy, or Just Plain Stupid? Top 10 Quotes from Middle East Studies Professors The College Fix September 23, 2021
Campus Watch Weekly Update June 15, 2020
Campus Watch Weekly Update May 4, 2020
In Death, Morsi Becomes Mossadeq New English Review (The Iconoclast Blog) July 3, 2019
Middle East Studies Meltdown on Jerusalem The Algemeiner December 18, 2017
Academia Abandons Paris Yet Again FrontPage Magazine December 15, 2015
An Islamist in Professor's Garb: Tariq Ramadan Returns to America American Thinker April 15, 2010
Tariq Ramadan Repudiated The American Thinker August 28, 2009
Tariq Ramadan, the Chicago Tribune, and Me August 31, 2004
Why Revoke Tariq Ramadan's U.S. Visa? New York Sun August 27, 2004
Campus Watch Blog
Title Publication Date
U. Arizona Defends Misuse of Federal Funds for MidEast Studies Campus Watch Blog June 12, 2020
An Islamist in Professor's Garb: Tariq Ramadan Returns to America Campus Watch Blog April 15, 2010
Tariq Ramadan May Return to U.S.A.; Notre Dame Says No Intention to Re-Hire Campus Watch Blog January 20, 2010
Tariq Ramadan Repudiated Campus Watch Blog August 28, 2009