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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Clarion Exclusive Report: Foreign Influence Ops on US Universities [incl. John Esposito] Clarion Project September 6, 2019
Generations of Houston Family Grapple With What it Means to Be Muslim American [incl. David Cook, Craig Considine] Houston Chronicle August 30, 2019
UAE Forum Promotes Dubious Islamic Peace [incl. Hamza Yusuf, Craig Considine, John Andrew Morrow] Jihad Watch February 2, 2019
The Pittsburgh Shooting and Islamic Apologists' Cognitive Dissonance [incl. Akbar Ahmed, Craig Considine] PJ Media October 31, 2018
Carnegie's Stale Israeli-Palestinian Peace Proposals Illustrate Failures of America's Foreign Policy Establishment The Algemeiner October 4, 2018
Yale Establishes Islamic Law Center Thanks to $10 Million from Saudi Sharia-Banker, Alleged Bin Laden Financier Breitbart News September 13, 2015
Alumni Return to Campus in Various Roles [on Andrew Bowen] The Rice Thresher (student newspaper at Rice University) October 28, 2014
Stacking Library Shelves [incl. Ingrid Mattson, David Cook] World Magazine May 17, 2013
When A Class Turns Into Crisis [incl. Salah Ayari] The Houston Chronicle April 10, 2011
Visiting Pakistani Female Legislators Dispel Stereotypes [incl. Elora Shehabuddin, Faegheh Shirazi] The Houston Chronicle June 4, 2009
Jewish Studies Minor Holds Promise For Future Programs The Rice Thresher (Student Newspaper of Rice University) January 23, 2009
Hezbollah Advocate Challenged at Rice The Jewish Herald-Voice (Houston) April 17, 2008
The Fifth Column [on Middle East studies, Title VI, Saudi funding; refs. John Esposito, Hamid Algar] The Conservative Jedi Blog January 23, 2008
Boniuk Center Changes Co-sponsorship Policy [incl. Joseph Massad] The Rice Thresher November 30, 2007
Boniuk Center Pledges "New Direction" [incl. Ussama Makdisi, Ilan Pappe, Joseph Massad, et al.] The Jewish Herald-Voice (Houston) November 16, 2007
Now Here is a Syllabus [on Rice University professor David Cook's course, "Jihad and the End of the World," refs. MESA] Jihad Watch September 6, 2007
King Fahd's plan to conquer America December 20, 2002
Title Publication Date
$1 Million Gift to Help Fund New Islamic Studies Chair Rice News April 25, 1996