Setting The Record Straight

Campus Watch corrects false allegations made against it.

Response to:

Ruling-Class Peace?
by Michael Barker
Swans Commentary
April 8, 2014

False allegations of attacking professors who criticize Israel
False allegations of suppressing free speech
Falsely alleged dossiers on professors
False allegations of being a Zionist organization
False accusations of being part of a lobby or conspiracy
False allegations of connections to other organizations

Campus Watch Responds:

In an uninformed, conspiracy-mongering article worthy of Lyndon LaRouche, Michael Barker stretches credulity as he links a now-defunct non-profit I co-founded in 2003 to my work as director of Campus Watch. In doing so, he utterly misrepresents CW and its founder, Daniel Pipes:

The co-founder of this propaganda project is the infamous Winfield Myers, who presently acts as the director of Campus Watch -- a "blacklisting organization" created by pro-Israel propagandist Daniel Pipes "that targets [US-based] scholars with views perceived as not sufficiently sympathetic towards Israel [emphasis added]."

Others may decide whether or not I am "infamous," but that Barker misuses quotation marks to misrepresent CW is a tactic not open to debate, since the unattributed quotes falsely imply that they are taken from CW literature or media appearances. At no time has CW described itself as a "blacklisting organization": the statement is false. Nor has CW stated that it "targets [US-based] scholars with views perceived as not sufficiently sympathetic toward Israel." CW challenges Barker to produce such quotes from CW's description of any facet of its mission, activities, or accomplishments.

Nor is Campus Watch founder Daniel Pipes, who also founded the Middle East Forum of which CW is a project, a "pro-Israel propagandist." It is in the nature of conspiracy mongers to label those with whom they disagree "propagandists," as labeling is easier than debate. Pipes is a well-respected and heavily published scholar of the Middle East who has never hesitated to criticize Israel or American policies toward the region.

(Published by Winfield Myers)