Campus Watch Research

Title Publication Date
Assault on Academic Freedom? UCLA Conference Blames Israel Jihad Watch December 22, 2015
Anti-Israel Columbia Prof Hamid Dabashi a Big Hit in Germany The Algemeiner December 18, 2015
Boston U.'s Irene Gendzier: U.S.-Israel Alliance Built on Oil FrontPage Magazine December 16, 2015
Academia Abandons Paris Yet Again FrontPage Magazine December 15, 2015
Academia on San Bernardino Attack: No Jihad Here American Thinker December 11, 2015
Steven Salaita: BDS's Favorite Martyr Ynetnews November 14, 2015
Rashid Khalidi Heads Pro-PLO Panel in Bashing Israel FrontPage Magazine October 30, 2015
Who's Oppressing Palestinian Christians? Georgetown Lecture Blames Israel Jihad Watch October 21, 2015
Islamists May Win the Language Wars Commentary Magazine October 20, 2015
Berkeley Prof: Race in America Is Like 'Occupation' in Israel FrontPage Magazine October 14, 2015
Berkeley, Bazian, and Barghouti Promote BDS FrontPage Magazine September 30, 2015
The Middle East Studies Blind Spot: Anti-Semitism History News Network September 27, 2015
The Politicization of Middle East Studies The American Interest September 18, 2015
Educators, Don't Let Yourselves Be Used by Middle Eastern Autocrats Commentary Magazine September 16, 2015
BDS Profs vs. the Muslim Leadership Institute FrontPage Magazine August 21, 2015
The Political Nature of Today's Middle East Studies National Review Online August 10, 2015
The Profs Who Love Obama's Iran Deal FrontPage Magazine August 10, 2015
No Jihad in Gaza, Says George Washington U's Nathan Brown Jihad Watch August 3, 2015
'Student Voices' Exposes Anti-Semitism in the College Classroom The Algemeiner July 26, 2015
No Jihad Here: Middle East Studies Profs on Chattanooga Shooting FrontPage Magazine July 23, 2015
Georgetown's Elliott Colla Misses Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood Jihad Watch July 10, 2015
The Middle East Studies Mess Australia/Israel Review July 2015
Bonfire of the Vulgarians: Middle East Studies in Decline American Thinker June 22, 2015
A Year After His Death, Fouad Ajami's Detractors Look Worse than Ever FrontPage Magazine June 22, 2015
The Postcolonial Rot Spreads Beyond Middle East Studies FrontPage Magazine June 15, 2015
Noura Erakat Wages Lawfare on Israel Jihad Watch June 13, 2015
Legitimizing Censorship: 'Islamophobia Studies' at Berkeley Jihad Watch May 23, 2015
UCLA Prof Khaled Abou El Fadl Condemns ISIS, But Does He Condemn Islamism? Jihad Watch May 12, 2015
Rabab Abdulhadi Promotes Alliances with Hamas-dominated Palestinian Universities American Thinker May 9, 2015
Rumee Ahmed's Reformist Approach to Sharia a Refreshing Break with Academic Apologists Jihad Watch May 2, 2015
Reza Aslan Hypes 'Islamophobia' Jihad Watch April 29, 2015
Don't Believe the Hype about Zaytuna College American Thinker April 29, 2015
Tufts Prof Thomas Abowd: Jews Colonial Usurpers in Jerusalem FrontPage Magazine April 1, 2015
What Does the Current Morass Say about Middle East Studies? [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Commentary March 30, 2015
Who's Afraid of Campus Watch? Stanford Prof Joel Beinin American Thinker March 30, 2015
Steven Salaita Brings His War on Civility (and His Pity Party) to Stanford Jihad Watch March 27, 2015
Georgetown's Elliott Colla Blames the West for ISIS' Desecration of History American Thinker March 25, 2015
Berkeley's Bazian on Paris Attacks: It's the Islamophobia, Stupid! Jihad Watch March 13, 2015
NYU Prof Zachary Lockman Admits MESA's Anti-Israel Stance, Rails Against 'Israel Lobby' Jihad Watch March 4, 2015
Stanford 'Charlie Hebdo' Panel: Je Suis Ferguson? Jihad Watch February 25, 2015
Steven Salaita Imagines a Palestinian Garden of Eden Jihad Watch February 21, 2015
Diplomat Debunks Obama's Yemen 'Success' Story FrontPage Magazine February 16, 2015
Harvard Prof: 'Islam is Not the Major Obstacle . . . for Democratization in Muslim Societies' Jihad Watch February 6, 2015
GWU Panel Surprisingly Acknowledges Resurgent Jihadism Jihad Watch February 3, 2015
Profs on Paris Attacks: Je Suis NOT Charlie! FrontPage Magazine January 26, 2015
Profs Cover for Muslim Brotherhood Front Jihad Watch January 8, 2015
UCLA's Embarrassment: Professor Abou El Fadl FrontPage Magazine January 7, 2015
Georgetown Panel Promotes One-Way Interfaith 'Dialogue' Jihad Watch January 2, 2015