Campus Watch Research

Title Publication Date
Dreaming of 'Palestine's South Africa Moment' at Columbia U. FrontPage Magazine December 23, 2014
UCLA Prof Assigns Pro-Israel Book in Order to Trash It American Thinker December 19, 2014
'Palestinian Rights Activism' Panel Turns Perpetrators into Victims Jihad Watch December 18, 2014
Librarians for BDS: When Librarians Burn Books Commentary December 14, 2014
Mark LeVine Unhinged on Facebook FrontPage Magazine December 12, 2014
Campus Watch's Mission Was Mischaracterized Chronicle of Higher Education (Letter to the Editor) December 9, 2014
'Islamophobia' Joins the Rainbow Coalition Jihad Watch December 4, 2014
MESA Resolution Shows What's Wrong with Academe [incl. Steven Salaita] Commentary Magazine December 2, 2014
Profs Blame ISIS on 'Islamophobia' and 'Grievances' FrontPage Magazine November 25, 2014
Peace Train to Nowhere: Profs on Israeli-Palestinian 'Negotiations' Jihad Watch November 24, 2014
Steven Salaita's Historiography of Victimhood American Thinker November 23, 2014
The Fevered Imagination of Campus Watch's Critics The Chronicle of Higher Education (Letters to the Editor) November 14, 2014
Caliphate Dreaming: Georgetown Panel Reveals ISIS's Appeal to the Faithful Jihad Watch November 11, 2014
Interrogating Muslim Masculinities? Jihad Watch November 4, 2014
MESA and IIIT: Islamists Infiltrating Academia American Thinker October 30, 2014
Juan Cole's 'New Arab' Fantasies FrontPage Magazine October 28, 2014
Congress: Stop Subsidizing Biased Middle East Studies The Blaze October 8, 2014
At Yale: Embrace Assad But Boycott Israel? Commentary Magazine October 7, 2014
Defending Salaita: Anti-Israel Profs Unite! American Thinker September 21, 2014
Joint Statement on the Misuse of Federal Funds Under Title VI Middle East Forum and others September 17, 2014
Groups to Congress: No Taxpayer Funds for Biased, Politicized Middle East Studies Joint Press Release by the Middle East Forum and others September 17, 2014
John Esposito Takes 'Islam' Out of ISIS American Thinker September 14, 2014
Hamas's Academic Apologists American Thinker August 31, 2014
Profs Blame Pro-Israel Bias for Stereotyping Muslims FrontPage Magazine July 31, 2014
Jizya: Extortion Money From Islam's Slaves [incl. John Esposito] The Commentator July 30, 2014
Islamic State's Reality Check on Dhimmitude Commentary Magazine July 21, 2014
The Early Roots of Anti-Israel Lawfare FrontPage Magazine June 24, 2014
No Debate Allowed at Anti-Israel UCLA 'Debate' FrontPage Magazine June 16, 2014
Professors Shill for Islam FrontPage Magazine June 6, 2014
'Islamophobia' Thought Crimes at Berkeley, Part II FrontPage Magazine June 5, 2014
'Islamophobia' Thought Crimes at Berkeley FrontPage Magazine June 4, 2014
Berkeley Prof: Terrorists Good, 'Islamophobia' Bad FrontPage Magazine May 9, 2014
Rashid Khalidi's False Narrative of Israeli History FrontPage Magazine May 1, 2014
Psychoanalysis, Islam, and Joseph Massad FrontPage Magazine March 17, 2014