Campus Watch Research

Title Publication Date
Former Suffolk U. Professor* Claims U.S. Plans to Sterilize "Women of the Entire World" American Thinker December 3, 2013
Spies in the Classroom: CAIR vs. Campus Watch Frontpage Magazine October 28, 2013
False Accusations Against Campus Watch for Classroom 'Spying' October 23, 2013
Reza Aslan: Authority on Islam and the Middle East? FrontPage Magazine October 11, 2013
Duke Prof's Recipe for Restoring Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood [on Ebrahim Moosa] American Thinker September 5, 2013
'Islamophobia' in the Bay Area? American Thinker August 13, 2013
Academia's Love Letter to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood FrontPage Magazine July 22, 2013
Professor Quotes: On Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood July 20, 2013
Middle East Studies Specialists Get It Wrong [on Bruce K. Rutherford] Daniel Pipes Blog July 3, 2013
Berkeley Profs: 'Islamophobia' Greater Threat Than Islamic Terrorism FrontPage Magazine May 27, 2013
An Apology Posing as a Bibliography [incl. Middle East Studies Association] The Washington Times May 23, 2013
Profs on Boston Bombing: Blame Right-Wingers, 'Islamophobia,' and Blowback FrontPage Magazine May 7, 2013
'The Great Book Robbery' Hijacks History Ynet News April 7, 2013
'Israel Lobby' Threatening Free Speech at Berkeley? FrontPage Magazine March 29, 2013
Pro-Gay and Anti-Israel? 'Pinkwashing' to the Rescue Frontpage Magazine March 25, 2013
A Review of Israel Apartheid Week [incl. Saree Makdisi] Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) March 24, 2013
The Iran Lobby Buys a Friendly Face for Despotism American Thinker March 10, 2013
Muslims Advertise Islam at Indiana Public School Islamist Watch February 22, 2013
Indoctrinating Children: 'Palestine Solidarity' in the Classroom American Thinker February 16, 2013
Pushing 'Palestine' at UCLA FrontPage Magazine February 15, 2013
BDS and the Jewish Studies Trap [incl. Norman Finkelstein] The Algemeiner February 8, 2013
Upper Dublin High School vs. the Arab-Israeli Conflict The Times of Israel January 30, 2013
Manufacturing 'Islamophobia' at UC Berkeley FrontPage Magazine January 25, 2013
Obama's Anti-Zionism [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Washington Times January 22, 2013