Campus Watch Research

Title Publication Date
Muqtedar Khan's Smoke Screen FrontPage Magazine December 21, 2007
John Esposito Blames the Christians Frontpage Magazine November 28, 2007
Campus Watch Critiques, UC Santa Cruz Paper Cries "Censorship!" November 16, 2007
MESA Turns Down Campus Watch Ad FrontPage Magazine November 16, 2007
UCLA's Politicized Middle East Studies Professors [incl. Gabriel Piterberg, Sondra Hale, Saree Makdisi, James Gelvin] FrontPage Magazine November 12, 2007
USC "Middle East Awareness Week" Features the Usual Suspects November 9, 2007
Lustick an Unfortunate Choice for Penn [on Ian Lustick] The Evening Bulletin (Philadelphia) November 2, 2007
Bibliography – My Writings on Islamic and Arabic Schools in the West [on Khalil Gibran International Academy, Arabic/Islamic schools in the West] Daniel Pipes' Weblog October 23, 2007
DePaul Prof. Aminah Beverly McCloud: Pushing "Islamophobia," Obscuring Islamism October 22, 2007
Alms for Jihad [incl. Khalid bin Mahfouz, Robert O. Collins, Cambridge University Press] FrontPage Magazine October 12, 2007
Middle East Studies: An Undisciplined Field Israfax; Canadian Institute for Jewish Research October 8, 2007
Islamic Economics: What Does It Mean? [incl. Timur Kuran] The Jerusalem Post September 26, 2007
Free-Speech Hypocrisy [on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to Columbia U.] The Corner on National Review Online September 24, 2007
Group Think in the Academy [on "Five Years of Campus Watch"] Daniel Pipes' Weblog September 20, 2007
Five Years of Campus Watch The Jerusalem Post September 20, 2007
Middle East Studies Self-Parody The Corner at NRO September 18, 2007
A New Anti-Semitism Takes Root on Campus [incl. Joseph Massad, Hatem Bazian, Natana DeLong-Bas] The Jewish Exponent (Philadelphia) September 13, 2007
Reinharz's Problem with Radical Islam [on Jehuda Reinharz of Brandeis] The Justice (Brandeis Univ.) September 11, 2007
John Esposito Urges Muslims to Emulate Me [i.e., Daniel Pipes] Daniel Pipes' Web Log September 10, 2007
Learning from the Mearsheimer-Walt Fiasco Daniel Pipes' Web Log September 9, 2007
Cal State Fresno's Middle East Studies Project Raises Red Flags September 7, 2007
Other Taxpayer-Funded American Madrassas [on Arabic-language schools in the U.S.] Daniel Pipes' Weblog September 5, 2007
Getting the Instruction Right at Khalil Gibran [on Khalil Gibran International Academy] New York Sun September 5, 2007
On New York's "Khalil Gibran International Academy" Daniel Pipes' Weblog September 5, 2007
The War of Ideas [on Walid Phares' "The War of Ideas: Jihad Against Democracy," refs. Middle East studies, Saudi funding] Frontpage Magazine September 4, 2007
Libel Tourism: Where Terrorism and Censorship Meet [on Khalid bin Mahfouz, Robert O. Collins, "Alms for Jihad," Cambridge University Press] (of the San Francisco Chronicle) August 29, 2007
Academic Activism on Display in Berkeley: Bazian, Zunes, and "Friends of Sabeel" August 23, 2007
More on Alms for Jihad [refs. the Middle East Forum's Legal Project] The Corner on National Review Online August 21, 2007
Appeasement Finds a Home in the Academy [on William O. Beeman, Augustus Richard Norton, Sara Roy] The American Thinker August 18, 2007
Librarians Say No to Censorship While MESA Stays Silent [on the Middle East Studies Association, "Alms for Jihad," Cambridge University Press] The Corner at NRO August 17, 2007
Shedding Light on the Professoriate [on Lisa Anderson, Arzoo Osanloo, Joel Beinin, Kathryn Babayan, Middle East Studies Association, et al.] The Washington Examiner August 16, 2007
New Approach Needed for Arab School [on Dhabah "Debbie" Almontaser, Khalil Gibran International Academy] The New York Sun August 15, 2007
Book Banning and the Middle East Studies Association [on "Alms for Jihad," Khalid bin Mahfouz, Cambridge U. Press, Juan Cole] The Corner at NRO August 6, 2007
University of Minnesota's William Beeman Praises Iranian Regime, Ignores Detainees July 26, 2007
Campus Watch and California's Middle East Academic Radicals The American Thinker July 21, 2007
Sara Roy: The Harvard Professor Who Cried Censorship July 10, 2007
Colleges Score Perfect Grade In Liberal Bias Investor's Business Daily June 29, 2007
Was Wiping Israel off the Map a Misquote? [ref. Juan Cole] The Corner (NRO) June 21, 2007
Middle East Studies Association Hypocrisy [refs. Haleh Esfandiar, Juan Cole, Walid Phares] The Corner on National Review Online June 20, 2007
Safi's Soft Words Are Front for Radical Jihadists The Washington Examiner June 14, 2007
The Muddled Mess of Middle East Studies [incl. Hamid Dabashi, Arzoo Osanloo, Minoo Moallem, et al.] The American Thinker May 30, 2007
The Real Arab School Fear [on Khalil Gibran Academy] The New York Sun May 22, 2007
UC Berkeley's Hatem Bazian: Academic or Activist? May 10, 2007
Brown University's Middle East Studies Workshop [ref. Elliot Colla, Lisa Anderson, Juan Cole, et al.] The American Thinker May 1, 2007
A Madrassa Grows in Brooklyn [on Khalil Gibran Academy] The New York Sun April 24, 2007
UCLA "Covering Lebanon" Conference: Media Criticism or Israel Bashing? April 2, 2007
Connecticut Teacher Encourages Muslim Mau-Mauing [on Bacon Adademy's Angie Parkinson] The Washington Examiner March 27, 2007
Educate Students to Counter Voices of Hate [on Norman Finkelstein] The Jewish Exponent (Philadelphia) March 22, 2007
Politicizing Archaeology in the Holy Land: The Revisionism of Barnard College's Nadia Abu El-Haj Family Security Matters March 21, 2007
Islamist Advice to Jews [on Ingrid Mattson] Daniel Pipes' Weblog March 14, 2007
Reinharz, Israel, and Me The Justice (Brandeis Univ.) February 13, 2007
Natana DeLong-Bas: American Professor, Wahhabi Apologist Real Clear Politics January 19, 2007
Can Middle East Studies Regain Credibility? [on MESA, Rashid Khalidi, Joseph Massad, et al.] The Washington Examiner January 18, 2007