Campus Watch Research

Title Publication Date
Georgetown Sells Out to the Saudis FrontPage Magazine December 15, 2005
Recruit Academia Chapter 10C, in Frank Gaffney (ed.), War Footing, (Naval Institute Press, 2005) December 1, 2005
Juan Cole and the Decline of Middle Eastern Studies Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
MESA Looks in the Mirror November 21, 2005
The Middle East Studies Association in 2005: More of the Same FrontPage Magazine November 17, 2005
Utopianism and Worse: The "One State Solution" at Georgetown and Elsewhere FrontPage Magazine November 14, 2005
Georgetown's Jihad Denier FrontPage Magazine November 8, 2005
Academics against Israel Jerusalem Post October 19, 2005
Crisis at Columbia: Nadia Abu El-Haj FrontPage Magazine October 10, 2005
Ways of Propagandizing [on Edward Said in an English composition textbook] FrontPage Magazine September 22, 2005
Morbid Philanthropy [on the Macarthur Foundation's support of Middle East Studies] FrontPage Magazine September 22, 2005
Concerning Academic Ignorance [CW responds to William Polk] FrontPage Magazine September 21, 2005
Back to the campus follies American Thinker September 14, 2005
Divesting Decency [on Lawrence Davidson and the Anglican Church] FrontPage Magazine September 8, 2005
Crisis at Columbia: Selling Jihad [on Peter Awn] FrontPage Magazine September 2, 2005
The Council on Foreign Relations Does the Middle East Middle East Quarterly Fall 2005
Basheer M. Nafi, Co-Editor August 19, 2005
Canadian University Suggests Abu Nidal Was a "Freedom Fighter" August 17, 2005
More Praise for "Terrorist Profs" August 7, 2005
Academic freedom in Gaza and beyond American Thinker July 13, 2005
'Outside Groups'and Academe [regarding Jon Wiener's comments on the Columbia crisis] Chronicle of Higher Education July 8, 2005
When "academic freedom" justifies academic terror [on the American Association of University Professors and the Mohammed Yousry case] American Thinker June 21, 2005
Academic Standards, R.I.P. FrontPage Magazine June 14, 2005
Crisis at Columbia: Columbia Teaches "Hate" FrontPage Magazine June 6, 2005
Academics Against Israel [on the AUT boycott of Israeli universities] FrontPage Magazine June 1, 2005
Crisis at Columbia: A Feminist for Gender Apartheid FrontPage Magazine May 20, 2005
The Iraq Museum, Reloaded Tech Central Station May 10, 2005
Columbia University Refuses to Send Middle East Forum Announcement Middle East Institute, Columbia University May 6, 2005
Crisis at Columbia: Lisa Anderson, Apologist for Academic Radicalism FrontPage Magazine May 3, 2005
John Esposito's Very Special Security April 28, 2005
Columbia's Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Theorist FrontPage Magazine April 25, 2005
Amiri Baraka Tribute Dinner: Columbia's Middle East Institute Replies Middle East Institute, Columbia University April 20, 2005
Columbia University's Middle East Institute Sends Invitations for Event Honoring Notorious Anti-Semite Amiri Baraka Middle East Institute, Columbia University April 19, 2005
Crisis at Columbia: That Awful Mess on Morningside Heights Campus Watch April 14, 2005
The Marxist Strikes Back FrontPage Magazine April 7, 2005
When Academia Favors Values Over Facts Forward April 1, 2005
A Prof Tangles the Truth FrontPage Magazine March 31, 2005
Academic Marxist Rock Star FrontPage Magazine March 31, 2005
Poetry, terror and political narcissism The American Thinker March 4, 2005
Yale University's Middle East Studies falling behind the curve? Jewish Ledger February 18, 2005
A wider debate Times Higher Education Supplement February 11, 2005
Columbia University Considers the Elimination of Israel FrontPage Magazine February 8, 2005
You Know More Than You Think FrontPage Magazine January 31, 2005
Getting Campus Watch Wrong Daniel Pipes' Weblog January 11, 2005