Campus Watch Research

Title Publication Date
Stanford's Islamist Threat FrontPage Magazine December 21, 2004
Islamophobia's Big Day at the UN FrontPage Magazine December 15, 2004
Yvonne Haddad: America's Islam "Sensitivity" Trainer FrontPage Magazine December 14, 2004
[Douglas Card and] My Day in Court December 7, 2004
Juan Cole, Media -- and MESA -- Darling FrontPage Magazine December 7, 2004
Omid Safi's Closed Classroom December 3, 2004
Columbia University's Hysterical Professor December 1, 2004
Pan-Arabism and the Professor FrontPage Magazine October 4, 2004
Tariq Ramadan, the Chicago Tribune, and Me August 31, 2004
Why Revoke Tariq Ramadan's U.S. Visa? New York Sun August 27, 2004
Unpacking the "Right of Return" FrontPage Magazine August 27, 2004
The Saudis' Covert P.R. Campaign New York Sun August 10, 2004
Harvard Celebrates Middle East Studies August 9, 2004
Does Affluence Cause Jihad? FrontPage Magazine August 5, 2004
U Penn Prof for Shari'a FrontPage Magazine July 26, 2004
Academia gone awry Jerusalem Post July 15, 2004
Arafat Minion as Professor [on Rashid Khalidi] Washington Times July 9, 2004
Middle East Studies on Trial FrontPage Magazine June 18, 2004
Islamism's Campus Club: The Muslim Students' Association Middle East Quarterly Spring 2004
Berkeley Prof Slithers on Call for "Intifada" in America FrontPage Magazine May 14, 2004
Hold the "McCarthyite" National Review May 5, 2004
Tenured Extremism [on Joseph Massad] New York Sun May 4, 2004
Stealth Islamist: Khaled Abou El Fadl Middle East Quarterly Spring 2004
Traveler's Check New Republic April 29, 2004
Columbia U. Investigating Bias and Intimidation in Middle East studies Campus April 16, 2004
A Berkeley Prof's "Intifada" Against America FrontPage Magazine April 15, 2004
The U.S. Institute of Peace Stumbles New York Sun March 23, 2004
Columbia U. Releases Edward Said Chair Donors: Names Arab Government Campus March 19, 2004
Muslim Scholars Who Acknowledge Muslim Antisemitism March 16, 2004
PRIMER Documents on Central Connecticut State University Promoting Responsibility in Middle East Reporting (PRIMER) March 8, 2004
Political Bias at Central Connecticut State University FrontPage Magazine March 8, 2004
Defund Middle East Studies New York Sun February 24, 2004
Pipes & Romirowsky reply to F.A. University Campus January 28, 2004
The Campus Left: Opposing Free Speech by Force FrontPage Magazine January 28, 2004
Hamas in Florida Classroom New York Sun January 27, 2004
Campus Watch Announces: A List of Recommended Middle East Scholars Campus January 20, 2004
Islamists police the classroom January 2, 2004